The Fishing Village

The fishing village is at the end of the beach near the Mount Lavinia Hotel. Della was in the village when the second Tsunami wave hit. When the third wave hit the village was almost totally destroyed and the families evacuated to the local school.

In 2005 The Friends of Della and Don decided that they wanted to support the Village and make it self-sufficient. They bought a fishing boat, an engine and nets and has been supporting the children with clothing and toys as well as feeding them at either St. Mary's School or the Montessori School (Sri Lankans call all nursery schools by this name)

The fishermen have been able to make a living for the village with our help. The Friends of Della and Don intends to continue to support the fishermen and help with the supply of new nets and fishing lines when needed as well as essential boat repairs.

Still devastated

Eight years after the Tsunami and the conditions in the village still continue to shock us.  People are still living in semi derelict dwellings with sometimes little more than plastic sheets or tarpaulins protecting them from the elements and often with more than 10 people in a single room.

Helping where we can

Wherever we can, we try and make life a little less of a struggle be it by providing baby or children's clothing or bedding.  We’re helping specific cases of hardship either by helping with medical costs or by funding extra education for those that will benefit the most.

Helping them to earn a living

Our biggest commitment to the villagers is in supporting the fishermen so that they can provide for their families.  FODAD has provided a new fishing boat, engine and nets so that they can work as a co-operative and support their own families.

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