Individual Cases

Each year we provide help and assistance to over a dozen families in Ratmalana helping some of the poorest families improve their lives...

Individual cases

Working with the team from the Medical Clinic, each year we support a dozen families who have been identified as needing special assistance.  Sometimes this is to fund additional education classes, or to pay for special drugs which are normally available or are beyond their reach.

The Orphaned boys

This story is tragic one - their mother went to work in the Gulf but is untraceable and their father is a drunk and incapable of looking after his sons and subjected them to terrible abuse.  They spent a while living in squalid conditions before being taken to a childrens' home.

Business & Enterprise

Sometimes people need a little helping hand in order to provide for their families.  We support small business enterprises when opportunities come up.  We have provided the fishing village with a boat, nets and other equipment in order that the men can work as a co-operative and support their families.

We have also provided sewing machines for ladies to make clothes which they can sell to tourists and even provided an elderly lady with a wooden trolley so she could sell coconuts to support her sick grandchildren.

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Individual Cases

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