Our videos

A tour of the village

Take a quick walk through the Fishing village which is where the  FODAD story started and see just how poor the conditions still are

The Village School band

A short view of the school band  - the instruments were donated in memory of Declan, Don’s brother and the uniforms gifted by  a Friend of FODAD.

5th Anniversary

Published in December 2009 to mark the 5th anniversary of the tsunami and to highlight some of the achievements we have made

Highlights from the Feb 2012 trip

A montage of images from the trip we made to Sri Lanka in February 2012.

An overview of our projects

Starting with a reminder of our story and then progressing through the eight projects we currently support.

shared hope for a better future

The Friends of Della and Don fodad logo

UK registered charity 1129751

Raise a smile for a tile

A 90 second video which featured during the annual end of year fundraising drive which enabled us to re-roof the village school