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The Medical Clinic

The Medical clinic was opened in May 2005 and has continued to operate since then. It has treated over 6,900 patients with an average of 40-50 patients seeking treatment each time the clinic is open. Unfortunately the free donation of drugs from the major drug companies has virtually ceased and the costs of making this support beneficial will increase. With your support we are sure we will be able to continue helping.

Access to free healthcare

Ratmalana is a poor area and many people cannot afford even basic healthcare.  FODAD provides the money to run a weekly clinic which is open to all where people can be treated by doctors and nurses who give up their own time.

Expert advice

As well as the weekly open session, the facility has also operated a number of well-women clinics which have achieved record visitors.


Free drugs and prescriptions

Some drugs are difficult to source in Sri Lanka and others may be beyond the reach of ordinary people.  The money which FODAD gives to the clinic helps them to provide the drugs that are urgently needed.

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