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The Village & Jungle Nurseries

The Village Nursery School​

On our second visit to the Village after the Tsunami, we were introduced to the Nursery School by one of the fishermen whose daughter went there.

The school is supported by the Mount Lavinia Hotel who pay the teachers. Friends of Della and Don supplies toys, books, crayons and drawing materials as well as a daily nutritious meal for all the children every day.

Provide a daily meal
Each day, we provide he children with a meal so that they can concentrate in the otherwise dilapidated surroundings.  We’re currently working hard with the hotel and others to help identify a better location for the school.

Provide educational games
The two teachers provide a fantastic introduction to learning and the kids enjoy singing for us.  We provide educational games and toys to encourage learning and have a great deal of fun just playing with them!

Provide shoes and socks
These kids are from the poorest fishing village and we’ve been surprised by how many have turned up without shoes or socks.  So each year, thanks to your kindness, we make sure that each child receives a new pair of shoes and socks at least once a year.

The Jungle Nursery School​

Drive for an hour due south and then another 45 minutes inland, and the landscape changes dramatically. Amongst the rubber plantations and paddy fields are a number of small remote villages hidden by thick vegetation. In the middle of this is the home for a recent project which we now support – the Jungle Nursery.  We provide new uniforms, new shoes, socks, paper, craft materials and exercise books and the Nursery itself serves 5 surrounding villages and offers free pre-school learning for children regardless of class or religion.

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