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The Village School

St Mary's Village School is a one story large classroom which serves to educate the children from the fishing village and slightly further afield. It is the building to which the fishermen and their families were evacuated directly after the Tsunami.

Since 2005, The Friends of Della and Don have fed the children every day, supplied, books, writing materials, shoes and uniforms. A playground was also build on adjacent ground and a school library opened on the first anniversary of the Tsunami. The aim is to extend our support by offering scholarships to exceptional children who would benefit from further education. Many donors have helped with this project which is enormously important to us. Friends of Della and Don have been exceptionally fortunate to have had the help of the Village School in Belsize Park, London who have funded the school lunches as well as uniforms. They also donated the money for the playground and library.

Rewarding attendance & achievement
By providing a meal, uniforms and shoes, we’re helping to boost attendance rates.  We’ve taken that one step forward by also introducing a yearly attendance prize as well as offering to support those who may be struggling  with extra tuition.  We are also providing additional assistance to those who are very bright.

Providing a daily meal
Since the charity started, we’ve been generously supported by the Village School in Hampstead, London, who have paid for the children of the village school and the nursery to receive a meal every day. For some, this will be the only meal they have as many of the families are extremely poor.


Creating an environment fit for purpose
We’re spending more time and money on refurbishing the old school.  We  want to make it secure and dry so that we can protect the computers, water filters and even light bulbs from theft.

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