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One Constant in a Sea of Confusion

The attacks in Sri Lanka were a deep shock to us all. No individual known to FODAD was killed, but everyone has been deeply affected. Government schools have been closed since the attacks and curfews were immediately put in place. There is still a State of Emergency and although the curfews have been lifted in our area they remain in place on the east coast. FODAD immediately reacted and sent relief money to Udaya in our fishing village. He was quickly able to distribute food and/or money to those in our village who needed it the most as there was no fishing allowed.

We are immensely pleased that on May 2nd, our school room on the beach re-opened and has been running classes as usual. These are even more vital given that schools remain closed. As well as education, the school on the beach has been a good distraction from the current climate of fear for the children in the village. Lessons have continued as usual, with particular highlights being English Language, Maths, Science and History.

The impact of the loss of tourism will have a knock-on effect on everyone in Sri Lanka. We are in constant touch with Udaya and will react to any urgent requests for assistance. If anyone would like more in-depth information or feels they can offer any assistance, please contact us at: mail@friendsofdellaanddon.com

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